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I can remember in my early twenties going to see a Financial Advisor that had been referred to me by a friend. He was very condescending and told me not to worry my little head about money matters and he would be take care of everything for me. He didn’t answer my questions, and in fact he didn’t even listen to my concerns. He gave me a sheet to fill out that included all of my personal assets and told me to bring it back to him.

As you can imagine, I did not do business with him. I decided that when I started my own business I would build it based on relationships. I think of our first meeting as a “first date”. We are getting to know each other, and see if we want to build a long-term relationship based on trust and integrity. The next step is the “second date” where I do a lot of listening as we discuss your current situation, fears and concerns. Based on the information that I receive from you, I build a comprehensive financial plan that is personalized for you. We review it to make sure that I have covered everything that is important to you.

I then help you implement this plan and we periodically review it to make sure that your financial plan keeps up with your ever-changing life. We make adjustments when necessary. I encourage my customers to let their family members know about their overall financial plans and invite them to a meeting.

This can seem daunting at first, but once we implement the plan, we help you hit the easy button by always keeping you in the loop and providing on-going education. My customers are my extended family, and I want to make sure they feel comfortable enough to ask questions and get all of the concerns and fears clarified.